Design & Production

The Tools

Some where useful others were not.


1. Assorted sanding sheets (80, 150, 220) 2. Large flat paintbrush (12)  3. Tanner's Bond contact cement  

4a. Eco-Flo Cova Color (Black)   4b. Eco-Flo Cova Color (White) 5. Heavy straight edge  6. Pigma Micron 08 (Red)  

7. Heavy duty waxed string  8. Razor blade  9. Leather stitching needle  10a. Round sponge (Black paint)  

10b. Round sponge (White paint)  11. Metal 3mm letters and numbers  12. Large cissors  13. Rubber mallet  

14. Leather whole puncher 


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Made in Texas

Est. 1992

Highly detailed pattern created by Stephanie in Cedar Park, Texas.

6oz Brazilian cowhide.

The bag took about 2 weeks to sew together. Some changes were made to the design. The traditional handle ends were changed to hands throwing the middle finger. The construction for this prototype was easy but very repetitive. Better cutting tools will be needed for the second attempt. 


The handles were glued both to the bag and at the top where you grab. This was done in-order to keep the the outside of the bag as "sleek" as possible with no visible stitch.   

The inspiration for the texture of the bag came from the Epi leather offered by Louis Vuitton.


I took the sanding sheets starting with the 80 grit and slowly pulled vertically. This method caused many deep "valleys" in the leather giving the same effect as the Epi leather but with a bit of "roughness" and "grunge."  

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Made in Texas

Est. 1992