SUNERGY HOME SERVICES is a solar panel design and installation company focusing on delivering a turnkey solar panel system to 

residential and commercial properties.

SUNERGY HOME SERVICES lacks any type of branding like a lot of solar panel companies. They lack a recognizable logo and color palette, Sunergy also needs a tagline, a voice for their copy, and the two most important things; outdoor advertisements, and social media presence.

I will be delivering a minimalist/geometric logo and color palette that can be placed anywhere and be recognized immediately. The copy and advertisement should be memorable, comforting, and slightly humorous to gain the publics' trust for the brand, and the visuals should be easily identifiable. Their social media presence should resonate with their demographic; middle-aged homeowners, and new upper to middle-class buyers. The posts should be informative, state positive statistics regarding solar energy, and the value it can add to your home. 

R:253 G:190 B:20
C:1 M:27 Y:99 K:0
R:17 G:177 B:76
C:79 M:0 Y:100 K:0
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